Social Media Marketing

We run your social media accounts, post content, branded postings, respond to customers

Is your social media converting viewers to attendees or customers? Over the course of 7 months running the social media accounts for a county fair we increased their page likes by over 30% (1,000+ people) while spending $0 on advertising! That same year, they had the biggest event they’ve ever had in 104 years! You see anyone can post on social media, hashtag this, and respond to that grouchy comment but it takes an industry professional to do it correctly. We only manage social media accounts for the event industry, because that’s what we’re good at. We’re not like other social media marketing companies who manage all sorts of accounts. Why? Simply because we do events and we do them extremely well! It takes years of knowledge to understand what your customers are looking for, when to post, how to word content so viewers take action, and how to get more people to your event! We’re not here to sell you our services, we’re here to partner with your event business to help make it FAEMOUS!

Event Promotion

We promote your event on social media, radio, etc

If you build it they will come! Yes they will, but first they need to know about it and that starts with great marketing. The event industry is like nothing else. It’s time sensitive, urgent, fun, energetic, and lucrative! It takes careful planning to do it correctly with the well-executed mix of advertising mediums such as radio, social media, and paper. At FAEM we specialize in promoting events and events only. We know what works, we understand what the consumer needs to hear for them to attend, and we know how to get the best return on your marketing investment! You do not need a massive marketing budget to have a successful event. Actually, when you execute your marketing plan with a professional like FAEM we can do so much more with so much less! Looking to grow your event? We’d love to hear about it and see what we can do to help make your event FAEMOUS!

Event Insurance

Nobody wants to have to use it and certainly nobody wants to talk about it, we get it!

In reality event insurance is arguably the most important aspect to an event. One wrong incident and your event could be in serious trouble for years to come. At FAEM we understand the needs of events, what’s important to have in a policy, and what you simple do not need. From demolition derby’s to county fairs and holiday bazaars to brew fests we’re able to help insure it all! Many of our options come standard with a $0 deductible! What does that mean? That means that if you have to file a claim on your event insurance policy you pay a $0 deductible! We understand that the last thing you want to worry about is having to pay a deductible after the event. We’re confident that we can assist in finding the right tailored coverage for your events. Any event, we got your back! Give us a ring or shoot us a message, we’d love to learn more about your event. P.S. we kindly accept invitations to your event because we like to see what it’s all about too!

Vendor Insurance

Are you a vendor coordinator that requires your vendors to have insurance?

Are you tired of sending email after email trying to get the certificate? Yeah, we were too! That’s why we put together a program just for vendors and their event coordinators. Easy? Yeah we made it easy because you have enough to worry about! All you have to do is send us a list of your vendors needing insurance and we send you back a stack of individual policies fresh out of the box! Many events just up the cost of the booth fee and include this coverage into the booth fee. Other events set a deadline and if the vendor doesn’t turn in their insurance by the deadline then an insurance charge is added. Regardless of how you do it, we have a solution! Let’s talk and see how we can reduce the headaches associated with vendor insurance for your event today!

Vendor Auditing

Overwhelmed with so many tasks to keep your vendors in line?

Feel like you could just use a hand from someone who understands vendors like you do? We get it, because we’re vendor coordinators too. We offer full service vendor auditing assistance from auditing vendors during your event, collecting payment at the end of the event, secret shopping, vendor management, and everything in-between. Let’s face it, during the event you have enough to worry about. The last thing you need is to be concerned a vendor isn’t being honest or doing what’s best for the event. In a recent study with a county fair who charges their food vendors a 20% commission, after auditing their fair we found that $30,000 more was spent on food when vendors were being audited. This ultimately led to more money in the pockets of the fair and reduced the amount of work for them! Events big and small all need a good qualified vendor auditor and FAEM would love to partner with your event.

Vendor Managment

So you started an event and now you want to add vendors, but you don’t know much about vendors or have the time to manage them.

No worries! FAEM offers full service vendor management from start to finish. We prospect new vendors to attend your event, handle the paperwork, payment, move-in, move-out and post event processes. Let the experts at FAEM assist you with managing your vendors!


Even the most successful events utilize outside consultants. Why?

Because outside consultants are able to see stuff that people working day to day on an event may not be able to see. We also are able to bring in new fresh ideas to your event. From event layout, entertainment booking, special event implementation, to just being the trusted partner you can call up when you have a question FAEM is here for you. Events of all sizes benefit from having an industry professional to bounce ideas off of. Our FAEM team is compromised with professionals of all aspects in the event industry from ex-county fair coordinators to event website engineers and event security professionals. Our well versed team is here to support the most unique events in any way possible. Our team is eager to learn more about your event and see how we can help make your event FAEMOUS!

Entertainment Booking Management

Every event has some sort of entertainment and why not have FAEM book your entertainment for you?

From booking big name bands to a hometown banjo player we work with all kinds of entertainment. FAEM can usually book more entertainment for the same budget as we have great relationships with entertainers. In a recent study with a county fair it was the first year in many years they stuck to their entertainment budget and they had the biggest turnout in over 104 years! Why did this happen? Because FAEM knows what attendees want to see at certain events. For example the entertainment we’d book would be different for a county fair and a brew fest. Simply because certain entertainment pairs better with what the event’s purpose is. We’ve mastered what works in the entertainment world and would honored to showcase our entertainment booking skills with your next event!

Website development

The day people stop googling is the day we will stop offering our top of the line website development services.

The fact is websites are just as important if not more important as they were 20 years ago. People still want to make sure your event business is credible, they want to see what you offer, and hear all about your amazing event business! Anyone can build a website, but it takes a website development professional to make a website that will give you the best return on your investment. What if a nice looking website was the difference for a large sponsor or potential contract? Sometimes it is! From complex sites with online stores to simple sites with only a couple pages FAEM has a solution for you. You do not need a big fancy site to stand out and the professionals at FAEM know just how to get the best bang for your budget. We’d love to show you sites we’ve done for the event industry and learn more about what your needs are.

Graphic Design

Looking for a new logo? What about someone to design a trendy flyer for your upcoming event?

With years of experience we have the expertise to design beautiful images, flyers, banners and much more for all your event needs! Graphics for events are very unique. They must be eye catching, draw the viewer in to want more, and match the intensity and color of your event. Our graphics design team is eager to learn more about your next graphics project!

Printing services

From banners and tabloids to flyers and stickers we can print it all!

FAEM offers high resolution printing services at reasonable pricing. Are we the cheapest in the industry? Probably not and that’s a good thing! What if a sponsor saw your flyer and their logo was distorted, not clear, and had poor print quality? With FAEM’s printing services you can rest assured knowing that we only use high quality equipment to provide you the highest quality of products. No job is too big or small and we’d love to earn your trust in completing all your printing needs!